• The accreditation process is designed to create a culture of safety and quality within an organization that continually improves patient care processes and results. – Dr. Tamer Gouda

7 main points of consultancy process

Research, Analyze, Report, Strategize, Implement ,Evaluate, & Maintain

The logo chosen shape is a connected square to represent continuation of development over time to reach targets.
The movement effect from center to border, representing a process that starts from core (primary issues) to surface (secondary issues).


Distinctive offering to lead via 3 core strategies:

  1. Cost leadership is a business' ability to produce a product or service that will be at a lower cost than other competitors.
  2. Innovation Leadership is when a business' products or services are different to its competitors.
  3. Focus Leadership ideally tries to get businesses to aim at a few target markets rather than trying to target everyone.

Exceptional discernment and judgment especially in practical matters via intelligent in-depth research into:

  1. Primary research is research we conduct ourselves, going directly to a source in the target market to ask questions and gather information.
  2. Secondary research is a type of research that has already been assembled, organized and published by second parties as reports and studies.


Health departments reports that accreditation helps them

On Patient

The role of our programs focuses on personalizing the care-system to achieve a humanizing and specifically-curated experience of the patients. With a transparent competitive healthcare system, patients are ensured that they are receiving safe and effective care from a trusted institute.

On Service Provider

Through rigorous evaluation and transparent examination, a healthy sound environment is provided to the healthcare centers. Our programs' main role is to achieve a collective awareness where caregivers believe that patients are their partners in their care and that they deserve the best quality with the best value. Read more

On Investor

The aim is to create a sustainable, eco-friendly, and flexible healthcare system. The focus shifts from working in a fragmented fragile business plan to an integrated, well-structured business model that will attract investors, Maximize the ROI, and build trust from both sides; the patient and the investor. Read more

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